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For both first time training & retraining.

Parent and Guardian Volunteers can now take the CASE workshop online.  You must have Adobe Flash and Adobe Reader.  You will also need a printer.

To access the CASE Training Program, follow these simple steps:

1. Open your web browser, and go to the web address  Note there is no “www”.

2. Click on the “C.A.S.E. For Volunteers” Graphic.

3. Click on your appropriate selection, and enter the login information below.  All volunteers will use the following login information either for First-time training or retraining.

Your Parish/Community: St. John Neumann School, Rochester

Your Username: Enter User Name

Your Password: initial  (Type the word initial )

Volunteers under  age 18 must complete CASE Training in person at school.


* Only one volunteer may take the quiz at a time, two volunteers taking one quiz is not allowed.

* Use a desktop or lap top computer.  Do not use tablets or mobile devices

* Use the latest versiion of internet Explorer as the others do not support Flash and Java

* Users must have Adobe Flash and Reader installed on their computer.  This free software can be found at

* Users must disable their web browser's pop-up blocker

* Users must be using a computer connected to a printer.  If there is no printer, users can save the files as a .pdf, take a screen shot, take a photo of the documents.

 * Users can not create their own account in the Online Learning Center to access CASE

 * Recomendations:  Complete the training in 1 hour - you can not stop half way and save your progress.


Once you have successfully completed the training you will be able to print a completion certificate,  a Volunteer Code Conduct and your quiz results.  Please bring these to the school office.

We will then give you a form to allow us to begin the background check process.

If you do not have a computer at home, please call the School Office and we will make arrangements for you to use one of our school computers.

Call the school office is you have any questions at 288-0580.


Thank you!