My Student's Progress

My Student's Progress is a way for parents to follow along with their child's education throughout their time at St. John Neumann School. MSP provides an always-available resource for you to track upcoming assignments, past grades, school events and more. You can also receive alerts when your child receives a low grade or misses class, track any conduct or behavioral issues, and view progress reports and teacher notes throughout the school year so you can ensure your child is getting the most out of their education.
You can log into your MSP account by following this link.
PLEASE NOTE: If this is your first time logging into MSP, you'll need to visit this page to set up your account password before being able to log in. From there, you'll use the email address we have on file as your username and a 4-digit Security Pin as your password. You should have received an email about MSP at the beginning of the school year containing your specific username and Security Pin, but if you're unable to locate the email or have any other questions about your account credentials simply reach out to us either by phone at (585) 288-0580 or by email at We'll be happy to help retrieve them for you.